New Paper: Common Core

A new paper is out in the International Journal of Press/Politics! In this one, Melanie Magin, Stefan Geiß, Birgit Stark and I look at the effects of algorithmic intermediaries on the fragmentation of issue perception.

A really exciting part is our measurement of issues: To account for temporal fluctuations and cognitive availability, we asked respondends for their own wording of the two most important issues of the day, across a span of 14 consecutive days.

The results are pretty exciting. In particular, we can show that mainstream news have a significant contribution to shared perceptions of important political issues.

Melanie and Stefan had the lead in this paper, and put a lot of empirical and theoretical work into it - thanks! Many thanks also to Christian Vaccari and our reviewers who saw this through.

Go read it here:

Magin, M., Geiß, S., Jürgens, P., & Stark, B. (2021). Common Core in Danger? Personalized Information and the Fragmentation of the Public Agenda. International Journal of Press/Politics.

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